We do online tutoring, and create apps & games,
educational content, and 3D-printed products!

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The Project

Mind The Ocean is born in 2019

Thanks to the Youth Entrepreneurship Program – Build Your Future from the Incyde Foundation and Arapdis, the promoter of the project was able to learn the necessary skills to make a first draft of the project.

Our main objective is to help raise awareness of the climate and the environmental problems our planet is facing, by means of education and disclosure making use of STEAM skills.

2020 - ONWARD

In order to achieve our objective, we are continuously taking part in workshops by IMPO, Incyde / Arapdis, and other institutions, in order to learn new skills and to improve in everything we do.

This 2020 has given us the chance to learn from multidisciplinary groups of experts in technology, entrepreneurship, environment, soft-skills, and much more! We are excited to see what 2021 has in store for us! 

what we do

App & Game Development

We aim to constantly improve the development of our mobile applications while we work on helping in the fight against climate change through education, divulgation, and awareness-raising.

Online Workshops

We are offering free lessons about Python programming, Unity development, and game creation with Scratch on our YouTube channel. If you want to get started in programming, these workshops are for you.

Online Tutoring

We are offering online tutoring to help us finance the project and continue creating content. Whether you just want to improve your marks or strengthen your knowledge, we got you covered! We can help you with biology, mathematics, programming, chemistry, and much more!

3D Printing

We make use of 3D Printing technology we are prototyping biodegradable real-world applications and products. You can find some products in our online store. The profit will be used to improve the project in all areas, including increase the fleet of printers and closing the cycle with our filament production!

Mind Ocean

Mind Ocean is an app that allows you to listen to relaxing music and sounds to meditate, study, reduce anxiety, or help you sleep...

Frases Fetes

Frases Fetes is a very simple and minimalistic app that allows you to learn and discover new Catalan language expressions.


Re-cycle is an educational game we are developing in order to promote recycling and sustainability in a fun and entertaining way.

Upcoming Apps & Updates

We're reviewing and testing the upgraded version of our vocabulary apps to learn chinese, spanish and Catalan. We expect to release them through the first half of 2021.



Biological Systems Engineer and Bioinformatician.
Entrepreneur. Developer.

Committed to environment conservation, and eager to explore new projects and to contribute to the fight for mitigating the effects of climate change.


“Feel free to call me Ram.”

Creates and develops branding, illustration, graphic design, and game assets. Act as support in English copywriting, product development, and concept development.

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