Mobile Apps Privacy Policy

All our Apps that are currently available at Google Play Store follow the Privacy Policy provided by Unity Ads which you can read here.

Some of our apps (not all) may include ads from Google Admob or Google Adsense. You can learn more about these services here

Mind The Ocean does not collect any user information with its applications.

Why do our Apps have Ads?

Developing apps and games require a great investment of time, resources, and effort.  Besides, we are offering them for free. Our Apps have ads so that anyone can access them for free, without having to pay a single cent.

How often do Ads appear in our Apps?

In general terms, it depends on the app itself and its gameplay
For example, in Frases Fetes, which is an app we would expect users to open for a short period of time, it’s around 90 seconds, but we are currently working on the implementation of a system that will increase the time transpired between ads so that it doesn’t become that disturbing

Can users skip the interstitial Ads?

Definitely, yes. We can confirm that the interstitial ads we use can be skipped after barely 5 seconds. This option has been around since the first version of our Apps because we never intended to force users to have to go through a full 30 seconds advertisement. 

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