Recycling games

Recycle is a game with which anyone can learn to recycle in a fun and entertaining way. Drag the residues into its corresponding container, but be careful: if you do it wrong, pollution will increase! 

Become fast and steady to perform combo strikes before the timer countdown runs out to gain great boosts on experience, coins and pollution reduction!

Use coins to unlock upgrades that will allow you to progress in the game even faster!.

Will you know how to classify the 47 different residues in each of the 8 different categories? 

Find out in the HTML5 or Android version!

Vocabulary Apps

Frases fetes is a very simple and minimalist application with which you can learn sentences and expressions in Catalan. You will be able to select the sentences randomly, sequentially or by searching for them in an interactive list.

In addition, you can change the color of the text and background, turn the secondary language on / off (English / Spanish), and also take and share screenshots.

Try it on Android!

More coming soon!