How to play Recycle?

Hello reader! If you still don’t know about Recycle, you need to know that Recycle is a game with which anyone can learn to recycle in a fun and entertaining way. 

In this post, we will describe how easy it is to play recycle as well as to give you some hints and codes to help you get started in the game!

If you don’t have it yet, you can download it for Android or play the WebGL version.

Recycling residues

This is the main dynamics of the current game mode. More game modes will be made available in future updates.

As you play Recycle, different residues will spawn in the center of the screen. In order to recycle them, simply drag and drop them in the correct container. 

Each time you recycle a residue properly, you will receive a certain amount of experience, gold and hexagon tokens. Let’s see what these elements are used for:

  • Experience: gather experience to level up and unlock new game modes. The higher your level, the bigger the rewards you will get after leveling up.
  • Gold: use them to unlock new upgrades that will make the game easier. They have different effects, so try to invest in them wisely to use them at your advantage.
  • Hexagon tokens: accumulate some of them to get a bonus of coins and to reduce pollution.
Recycling minigame screenshot from Recycle

The pollution bar

Whenever you fail to recycle a residue properly, the pollution will increase. You will be able to notice in the pollution bar on the upper side of the screen.

The pollution bar has different levels and it uses colors to help you know how much pollution you have.

When you start playing the game for the first time, your pollution will be at 0 and you will benefit from the x4 multiplier, which will increase the amount of experience, gold, and hexagons you receive from recycling 4 times fold.

Do your best to keep pollution low because each time you reach a higher pollution level the bonus multiplier will decrease.

The pollution multiplier range are: x4, x2, x1, x0.5, x0.25.

The upgrades system

In Recycle you will be able to use the coins and gems you obtain as you play through the game to purchase upgrades.

The upgrades are meant to help you progress through the game more easily. As the level of the upgrade increases, so does the cost to level it up. The order on which you buy the upgrades will change the way you progress in the game, allowing you to have a more personalized game experience depending on the player’s playing style.

To help you out, I will list the three types of upgrades that are currently available for each type of residue:

  • Residue efficiency: leveling up this upgrade will reduce the number of residues that you need to recycle in order to get a coin bonus and a pollution reduction bonus. Each time you level up this upgrade, you will see the required quantity of resources (colored hexagon token) decrease. If the upgrade level is 0, you will need to gather 100 resources but, if you maximize the level of this kind of upgrade, you will receive the bonus after you gather only 30 residues.
  • Coin bonus: each time you level up an upgrade of this type, the amount of coins you receive from accumulating a certain amount of resources, will increase. 
  • Pollution reduction bonus: leveling up this upgrade will grant you a bigger reduction of pollution from gathering resources.

Furthermore, there’s an extra category of upgrades that are related to other aspects of the game, it includes the following:

  • Pollution capacity: if you level up this upgrade, you will increase the amount of pollution that you can resist within the game, meaning: it will take more time for the pollution level to grow, you will be able to keep a higher pollution level bonus for a longer time and thus the whole game will become easier!
  • Coins capacity: leveling up this upgrade will increase the maximum amount of coins you can carry, up to a maximum of 99,999 coins. The coin capacity cap is intended to give some difficulty to the game, but this upgrade can help you pull through. However, if you are expending your coins to buy other upgrades, you may not need this one. It all depends on how you want to play the game!
  • Video rewards: this upgrade will increase the number of gems and coins you receive from watching rewarded videos. This is intended to help you get boosts for the game by watching the rewarded videos that appear within the game. Please, take into consideration that this is a free game and rewarded videos are currently the only way can generate an income to cover the expenses of developing the game.
Upgrades menu screenshot from Recycle

Making combos

As you play recycle, either in the recycling or catching-residues minigame, the combo feature will be activated once  you recycle or catch two residues on a row. Keep up the good work to get to a higher combo. The larger your combo is, the more bonuses you will receive during the combo and once it finishes.

The combo feature will grant you more coins, experience and pollution reduction.

Catching residues!

In this game mode, you will have to drag the crate horizontally in order to catch the residues that are falling into the water. Here you will be able to catch any kind of residue without having to worry about the color of the container. The important thing in this mode of the game is to catch them before they reach the ocean. 

But be aware: as time goes by, the residues will spawn more frequently and fall down faster. Will you be able to keep up?

Falling residues minigame screenshot from Recycle

Time for some free codes

To get you started in the game, here are some codes you can use in the game to get some free coins and gems:

In order to use them, simply go to the options menu and type the code in the input field for cheat codes or you can click on the camera icon and scan the following QR codes for the same purpose:

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