Improving Frases Fetes, an App to learn Catalan sayings

During the first half of 2021 we will be working on improving different apps we were prototyping last 2020. Frases Fetes is the one we have chosen to improve first. For this reason, we are going to dedicate this post to it.

Let's begin!

One day I was thinking about how to create an app using a single CSV file to include multi-language texts into Unity in order to dynamically create the content of learning apps, populate menus, and so on, as I had previously done on previous experiments I performed.

I decided to create a simple education app from scratch using minimal resources as a solo-developer. I started working on the app and I released a first version with a minimalist user interface but with the basic functional structure. The idea was to improve both the user interface and the user experience to bring a better experience, curate the content, improve the code, etc. But we couldn’t make it during 2020.

What are we improving?

There are quite a few changes we are currently working on, and that will soon be available in Google Play. To make it easier, we are going to list them here:

  • New UI/UX

    We will be updating all the elements in the user interface, including buttons, icons, fonts, the distribution of the text, and more!

  • New color customization

    We will be adding 2 new color palettes, different from the previous one. We will include one for light colors and another for dark colors. We will use this opportunity to also prepare our color selection system for future upgrades.

  • Favourite Sayings List

    We will include the possibility of saving any sentence with a new button that will be included in the new user interface.

  • Updated translations

    We will be running another review of all current translations in order to improve the quality of the app's content.

  • Changes in the ads

    In order to improve the user experience, we have decided to remove the interstitial ads because we consider them too invasive. They will be replaced with OPTIONAL rewarded video ads users can watch if they want to unlock certain features.

Take a look at what's coming:

If you find it interesting, you can get the app on the Play Store. We will be releasing the new version soon!

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