Meditation and study music Sandbox App.

Mind Ocean is an app that allows you to listen to relaxing music and sounds to meditate, study, reduce anxiety, or help you sleep.

Inside this app, you will find more than 80 different sounds with endless possibilities.

Best of it, our App is FREE!

beautiful background music

Mind Ocean is packed with more than 20 background music tracks from different styles so that you can find the best for you!

Incredible sound effects

Inside the app, you will find more than 50 sound effects, including: rain, ocean waves, rainforest, thunderstorm, birds, frogs, crickets, and a lot more!

One App - Two modes

Create your own environment inside the Sandbox Mode or simply let your mind fly with the environments we have prepared for you in the Meditation Mode.

Find your perfect sound

Inside the Sandbox Mode, you will be able to adjust the volume, pitch and pan for each background music track and each sound effect.

save your battery

Running low on battery? No problem. We have included a screensaver that dims the screen. The app also shuts down after long inactivity.

Cultivate your mind

Mind Ocean includes more than 80 mindfulness quotes to help you meditate and to cultivate your mind.


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